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    Type 2 Diabetes Group Program

    Learn and Exercise in a supported environment

    This program is suitable for those that are newly diagnosed as well as those with well established Type 2 Diabetes. The program will help you to:

    • Understand the role that physical activity and lifestyle has to play in managing your blood glucose levels and reducing risk of complications long term
    • Get started with a home or gym based exercise program
    • Identify and problem solve barriers to exercise
    • Practically apply tips to increase daily incidental activity
    • Progress exercise for long term success
    • Understand how to exercise to reduce body fat

    The program includes:

    • An individual consultation
    • 8 group sessions

    All sessions are facilitated with an Accredited Exercise Physiologist

    If you have a referral under Medicare from your General Practitioner for the group program, you will be able to claim a rebate for each of the services. For more information refer to the attached fact sheet and referral form.

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