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    Jul 09 2015

    Kahi Puru - A story of inspiration

    The importance of workplace safety - Nicole French (AEP)

    I was delighted to meet an inspirational man by the name of Kahi Puru last month during a workplace visit. Kahi, a Paralympian and WorkCover NSW ambassador, was crushed in a forklift accident at work at age 29. His left leg was amputated at the hip and doctors feared that he would not survive the accident. But, believing in the power of positive thought, Kahi defied the odds and went on to become a world-class athlete. There wasn't a dry eye in the house as he told his story and spoke of his passion for workplace health and safety. Making the day even more special, Kahi shared with the group, that just earlier that morning he was told that his beautiful daughter had given birth to a little baby girl and he was now a proud grandfather.

    Check out Kahi's story on YouTube