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    Due to the physical demands of most occupations, workplace injuries are becoming increasingly more common. These can range from lower back pain, tennis elbow, shoulder tendonitis, neck pain, repetitive strain injuries and other traumatic injuries. Exercise physiologists are responsible for the management of these injuries as well as liaising with the patient's workplace and other associated health professionals. This ensures the worker makes a gradual and safe return to work and prevents re-injury.

    At EFRH we offer a range of programs in-house or at your work place.

    Workplace Ergonomic Assessments

    These assessments are conducted by our Exercise Physiologists and Physiotherapists at your work-site. The allied health professional that conducts your assessment will also be an Occupational Health Consultant with several years of experience in this specialty area.

    Vehicle Suitability Assessments

    If you are considering changes to your fleet vehicles or have a concern about the appropriateness of a vehicle for an employee, this type of assessment would be most useful. These assessments can be conducted by an Exercise Physiologist or Physiotherapist and can be done at our Essendon clinic or at your work-site. If you are concerned about the suitability for a particular employee, we will not only assess the car but also conduct an objective and subjective assessment of the employee including a postural assessment to ensure all needs related to the vehicle are met.

    The employer will be issued with a report post assessment detailing findings and recommendations.


    Our stand up, sit less, move more workshop is designed to educate and motivate employees to adopt of more active workday and take them through the basics of posture and corrective exercise. The duration of these workshops is 45-90 minutes depending on an organisation's preference.

    Group Workstation Ergonomic Workshops: This workshop is ideally suited to workplaces that aims to have a group of their employees trained in the ideal workstation set up to reduce injury risk. It can be completed in an express style around workstations or more comprehensively in a longer workshop which also includes a competency test. These workshops cover:

    • Injuries associated with poor workstation set up
    • Basic anatomy
    • Workstation assessment and ideal workstation set up
    • Ergonomic aids to increase safety and comfort

    Workshops and Ergonomic assessment costs are available upon application. As we tailor our programs to suit your requirements, it is best to contact us directly for further information.

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